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Buy the Best Bronzers & Contour Online at the Best Prices

Bronzer and contour are two essential makeup products that serve different purposes. When the two are used together, they give you a gorgeous, chiseled look. A bronzer works perfectly to give your face a sun-kissed look by adding some warmth. It gives your face a perfect definition, a nice edge, and unique dimensions.

On the other hand, contour makeup creates a shadow to define your facial features hence enhancing your natural shape. At Masyirah, you can choose from a wide range of quality bronzers and contours to match your look. Let’s find out more!


Types of Makeup Contours

There are different types of contours you can choose from each with its special characteristics. The following are the common types of contours you can use to enhance your facial features.

Cream Contour

This type of contour comes in cream or stick and requires you to apply it with a sponge or brush. The contour not only gives you a nice glow but also hydrates your skin. It works perfectly for blending and is best suited for beginners.

Powder Contour

Like its name, the contour powder is in powder form and needs you to apply with a brush. The contour helps you achieve a perfect shadow to make your facial features outstanding. The contour works perfectly for setting cream or liquid foundation. You can use it if you want to achieve some dimension and depth on your face.

Contour Palette

Face contour palette includes contour, foundation, highlighter, bronzer, or a brush. Powder contour palette allows you to experiment with different looks. You can also find the contour in cream form.

Liquid Contour

Liquid contour comes in liquid form and you can apply it with a brush or sponge. It is ideal for blending or giving you a dramatic look. The contour also works perfectly if you have combination or dry skin because it is moisturizing.


How to Choose the Best Contour

Several factors can help you determine the right contour for your makeup needs or the look you want to achieve. These considerations include:

Your Skin Tone

Before you pick a contour, know your skin tone first to help you choose the right shade. People with medium skin should choose taupe, neutrals, and cooler contour shades. Tan or olive complexion goes well with golden which adds some warmth to your skin.

Contour Shade

Your contour should provide a shadow effect so you should choose matte contours that have a gray undertone to all skin tones. As a general rule, choose a contour that is two shades darker than your skin.

Type of Contour

What texture do you prefer? You can choose from liquid, cream, or powder depending on which you are comfortable using. Powder contours are easy to use and with time you can move to liquid or cream contours.


Ensure the contour you choose contains natural ingredients that hydrate and moisturize your skin for the best makeup look. Always choose quality products to prevent your skin from damage. The best contour should ingredients that are gentle on your skin.


If you want to buy contour online, it is important to consider the contour price to help you get a quality and affordable product. Contour palette price should be affordable and provide positive effects on your skin. Masyirah provides the best contour price in Bangladesh to suit your budget and skin type.


Types of Bronzers

Like contours, bronzers also come in different types, forms, and finishes. Choosing the right bronzer depends on your skin type, coverage, and your makeup skills. The most common types of bronzers available include:

Powder Bronzers

This type of bronzer comes in a pressed or loose powder that you can easily carry. They are best if you have oily skin but they also work well for other skin types. The bronzers give your skin a perfect definition, especially if you need a sun-kissed glow. Apply lightly on your skin and blend well to prevent your makeup from looking muddy.

Cream Bronzers

Cream bronzers are best for dry skin because they moisturize your skin. The formula blends perfectly on your skin to give you a natural or dewy finish. Not only do cream bronzers enhance your facial structure but also give you a sun-kissed look.

Liquid Bronzers

Liquid bronzers are suitable for all skin types and they are easy to apply and blend. They give you a luminous and natural look, and they are best applied with a makeup brush. The bronzers blend well on your skin hence giving you a radiant look.

Gel Bronzers

Gel bronzers are water-based hence lightweight and give your skin a glowing look. Most of these bronzers do not contain oil and hence are easily absorbed into your skin.


How to Choose the Best Makeup Bronzer

Choosing the right bronzer for your makeup is essential if you want to buy bronze online. Consider your skin tone, so you should go for a shade that is twice darker than your skin. You should also consider the bronze price in Bangladesh and go for quality and affordable options. Other considerations you should have in mind are the types, colors, and textures available.


Shop the Best Contours & Bronzers Online at Masyirah

Masyirah provides the best-selling contours and bronzers in Bangladesh. Scroll through our product list to find the right contour or bronzer that suits your skin type. All our products are 100% safe and come at affordable prices.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply bronzer the right way?

Use a small amount of bronzer on your brush and start applying on your forehead, below your cheekbones, and under the jaws. Blend perfectly in circular strokes starting from the top to the bottom.

How do I know the right contour to use on my skin?

Always select a contour shade that is somehow darker than your skin tone. This will create good depth and shadow.

Is a bronzer ideal for people with oily skin?

Yes, you can use a bronzer if you have oily skin. However, choose a product with matte formula and apply a light layer to minimize shine.

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