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Face Powder & Compact

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Get 100% Paraben-free Face Powder and Compact at the Best Price

When it comes to makeup, face powder and compact are essential items that you need in your makeup kit. Both serve an important role in giving your skin a good appearance by setting the foundation perfectly. Additionally, they give your skin a good shine and matte finish. Face powders are available in different forms like pressed, loose, or compact powder.

Loose powder is great for home use while compact powder is great if you need something to carry around for quick touch-ups. We provide a wide range of face powders and compact to suit your budget and skin tone. If you would like to know more, let’s see what Masyirah has to offer you.


Benefits of Using Face Powder and Compact

Using face powder and compact has many benefits for your skin. Let’s highlight some of the main benefits:

Makes your makeup last longer

Using face powders offers long-lasting makeup because it helps the foundation to last longer. This is because it makes the process of excess oils mixing with the pigment oil present in the foundation slower.

Makes your skin tone even

Face powders help you achieve a smooth look on your skin. You can choose to use them alone or combine them with a foundation based on the coverage you want to achieve and your skin condition.

Absorb excess shine

Face powders are super absorbent so they soak excess oils on your skin. This mattifies your skin and maintains shine for several hours.


How to Choose the Best Compact Powder for Your Skin

With the wide variety of cosmetic products available online, it can be tough to choose a product that matches your skin needs. Do you want sun protection face powder, waterproof face powder, or halal compact powder? Other considerations you should have in mind include:

Skin type

Your skin type determines the type of face powder and compact you should choose. Luckily, there is foundation face powder for all skin types. Whether you need the best compact powder for dry skin, compact powder for oily skin, face powder for sensitive skin, or compact powder for dark skin, you can find the right one for your skin type.

The best face powder for oily skin is great if you have acne or sensitive skin, and should contain ingredients that do not settle in the pores.

Face powder price in Bangladesh

When buying face powder online, you should consider the price. Compact powder foundation prices vary so you should choose the one that meets your budget needs. You can find affordable compact powder price in bd at Masyirah.


How much coverage do you want? Always determine the coverage you need before buying face powders and compact. If you want to achieve a natural look, a translucent powder or one with sheer coverage is ideal.


Your skin color determines the shade you go for. Compacts with pink undertones are great for lighter skin. Compacts with yellow or orange undertones are great for people with deeper skin tone.


Get the Best Compact Powder Online

Masyirah is your one-stop online shop that provides quality and safe face powders and compact. Whether you need the best face powder for oily skin in Bangladesh, compact powder with spf, compact powder for wheatish skin, or compact powder foundation with sunscreen, Masyirah has it all. Browse to find the compact face powder for your skin type.



Is compact powder necessary for makeup?

Compact powder is essential for makeup because it makes your makeup stay longer, provides good coverage and a matte base, and offers convenient touch-ups.

Is compact powder the same as loose powder?

The two are not the same. Compact powder is pressed, comes in portable form, and gives extra coverage. On the other hand, loose powder is fine, offers sheer coverage, and is best for setting makeup.

Can I use compact powder every day?

Absolutely! There is no problem using compact powder daily because it will not harm your skin. However, remove it before you go to sleep to give your skin a chance to breathe.

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