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Setting Spray

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After creating your perfect makeup look, the most important question you should ask yourself is how long your makeup will last. Maintaining your makeup intact during a night out or long day at work can be hard and this requires frequent touch-ups to keep everything in place.

Reduce frequent touch-ups and enhance your makeup durability with the best setting spray. A fixer spray contains essential ingredients that make your makeup long-lasting. The sprays work best to prevent your makeup from fading, creasing, or smudging hence enhancing your makeup. At Masyirah, you can find the makeup fixing spray price and a wide range of makeup fixers to suit your skin. Keep reading to find out more about makeup setting sprays and why you need one.


Benefits of Using Makeup Setting Spray

Having setting spray in your makeup kit is essential if you want your makeup to last all day long. Makeup fixer spray provides many benefits like:

Hydrate your skin

If you want your skin to stay hydrated and reduce the damage associated with using makeup regularly, use a setting spray. Cleaning makeup at the end of the day can leave your skin patched and dry. Using setting spray after applying makeup ensures your skin stays hydrated.

Makes your makeup last longer

Setting sprays work best to ensure your makeup lasts longer. The makeup remains water and sweat proof and this gives you a nice finish for many hours.

Prevent concealer from creasing

Regardless of the concealer type, some products can contain formulas that crease and create fine lines, especially under your eyes. Using a setting spray on your concealer prevents the creasing and gives you a seamless look.

Reduces touch-ups

With setting sprays, you don’t have to spend more time on touch-ups. The spray keeps your makeup intact so it doesn’t melt. Therefore, no worries about your makeup fading, creasing, sliding, or smudging.

Enhance your makeup look

Some setting sprays mattify your face while others offer your skin a dewy look which enhances your makeup look.

Prevent makeup from drying

If you have dealt with cakey makeup, you can prevent that by using setting sprays. They ensure your makeup doesn’t dry o become cakey.

Reduces the appearance of pores

Using setting sprays can work best to reduce the appearance of pores on your face.

Types of Makeup Setting Sprays to Suit Your Skin Type

Choosing the right setting spray for your skin is important for a perfect finishing touch. Below are the types of makeup fixer sprays you should consider depending on your skin type.

Matte finish makeup setting spray

This is a perfect setting spray for oily skin or combination skin. Matte makeup fixer for oily skin contains a lightweight formula and keeps your makeup intact including lipstick. Therefore, you don’t have to do touch-ups to keep your makeup smooth for longer.

Dewy finish makeup setting spray

This is a good setting spray for dry skin. The setting spray hydrating also works well for dull skin. It keeps your makeup in place and gives you a radiant glow. The spray is also perfect for anyone who would like to achieve a luminous complexion.

Waterproof makeup setting spray

If you are attending an outdoor event in a humid environment, a waterproof fixing spray can make your makeup water-resistant. The sprays have a long-lasting formula that prevents your makeup from streaking and makes it long-lasting.

How to Use Makeup Setting Spray

After applying your makeup perfectly, you want to ensure everything stays in place longer. Face makeup setting spray works best to ensure your makeup is long-lasting. You should use makeup setting spray as the last step in your makeup routine. Therefore, when you are done with your final look, apply Korean setting spray.

Before you use makeup fixer spray, ensure you read the instructions on the label. Some setting sprays might need you to shake before use to activate the formula. Apply the spray with your eyes closed to prevent any irritation. Additionally, you should hold the spray at least 8 inches away from your face and spray the face evenly including your neck.

Buy Quality Makeup Setting Spray Online

For the best setting spray price in BD, Masyirah is your number-one online makeup shop. Explore our wide range of fixer sprays that keep your makeup long-lasting and work best with all skin types. We provide the best makeup setting spray price online from reputable brands and our products are 100% safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use makeup setting spray?

If you look forward to long-lasting makeup, using makeup fixer spray is necessary. The spray offers makeup longevity and you should use it as the last thing when you are done with makeup.

Should I use makeup setting spray before or after foundation?

You should apply a foundation setting spray after foundation as the last thing in your makeup process. Not only does the spray hold the foundation but also other makeup. Ensure you spray all over your face on top of your makeup.

Is makeup setting spray bad for my skin?

Like any other makeup product, you should choose the right face setting spray depending on your skin type. alcohol-free setting sprays are good for people with sensitive skin. Mattifying setting sprays are good for oily or acne-prone skin. Dewy or hydrating setting sprays are good for people with dry skin.

Can I make DIY setting spray?

Yes, you can make DIY makeup setting spray at home with just a few ingredients. Put one cup of water in a bowl, one tablespoon of aloe vera gel, about 5 drops of glycerin, and 3 tablespoons of rosewater to give the spray some fragrance and mix everything well. Your DIY setting spray for oily skin is ready. Transfer it to a spray bottle and use it daily.

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